About Me

Hey there, I am Dana Wendel.

Sage Healing is what happens when I hold space for people around me to transform. I am an Intuitive Energy Transformer and Spiritual Guide… taking you through the jungle of your inner world! This inner jungle can sometimes be a scary place, and become overgrown with stuck, stagnant energy. I can help guide and navigate through the inner adventure: to release fears, trauma, negative beliefs and resistance to your dream life.

About 10 years ago, after teaching yoga for awhile, I started noticing students having huge emotional breakthroughs during my Savasanas (Savasana is at the end of the yoga class where everyone lays down…and usually falls asleep 😉 But, my students were having out of body experiences, receiving closure from loved ones who’ve passed and feeling a sense of calm and relaxation that they had never felt before in their lives!

So, I went on to intensely study the chakra system, shadow work, and how to physically and energetically cleanse the body and womb. I got Reiki I & II certified, prenatal yoga certified and last year received my Yoga to Transform Trauma certification. 

I am committed to this work because I know how much it has helped me (and my clients) release the past and transform into completely new Beings. This inner work will help the planet, and the people of this planet, heal. Our inner worlds are creating our outer world. So, what is the world that you are trying to create? Let me help you manifest it, and in turn help to raise the vibration of the planet.

Care to join me for the evolution party that is taking place? Reach out. I am here to help guide.

Namaste, sweet souls!

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