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Sage Healing

Hello love!

Can you visualize for a moment, what happens when you throw a stone into a lake?

Wherever the stone lands, it makes an impact in the water and then ripples out from there… effecting everything around it. The ripple of Energy that you create… goes out into your family, community and our planet… it can be a ripple of energy that is of low vibration (fear, denseness, anxiety, etc) or high vibration (love, peacefulness, compassion, health, abundance etc).

So, when you dig deeper into the Inner Work, release Energy Blocks and vibrate higher, the rest of the world benefits tremendously!

We are apart of the crucial (and somewhat uncomfortable at times) Evolution Party, that is happening right now on Earth!

But it gets to be fun! And it gets to be easy!

“I’ve been working with Dana for a little over a month and I am busting through to my Next Level. If you have been feeling called. Do IT! I’m telling you from my own experience!”

Join me for 3 months for One on One support.

We will tune into how your Energy wants to shift. Each session is highly intuitive and completely depends on the person and their intention for the session.

Some sessions include:
• Energy hygiene. How to cleanse, ground & shield your energy
• Shadow work. Exploring the unhealed parts of yourself and releasing stuck energy
• Mindset work
• Chakra Clearing & Reiki Healing
• Emotion Clearing
• Womb Activation
• Soul Awakening Meditation and Relaxation Response
• Fine tuning your intuition, so that you can fully trust your inner guidance
• Breathing techniques to accelerate healing and abundance

All of my sessions are held virtually and can be recorded upon request

The investment is $4,000 for 3 months or $8,000 for 6 months.

1:1 Mentorship 3 Months

1:1 Mentorship 6 Months

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